Studi clinici hanno dimostrato le proprietà eccezionali delle nanobiomolecole contenute in K-MED, consentendo il suo ingresso tra i dispositivi medici con effetto antidolorifico ed antinfiammatorio, approvati dal Ministero della salute.

medyco fibrilium

Between Jan 2017 and Dec 2017 altogether 50 patients were entrolled in the trial. The trial flow is depicted in Figure 1. The baseline characteristics of the patients are given in Table 1. As can be seen from Table 1, randomization worked well and the groups were well balanced, confidence intervals all overlapping. All outcome data except SCL were approximately normally distributed and fulfilled the preconditions for linear modelling. SCL data were therefore log-transformed…

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CLINICAL VALUATION REPORT Medical device: fabric WITH BIO-MOLECULES 1) RATIONAL STUDY The clinical study described here was intended to evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of the BIO-MOLECULES LOADED device. 2) STUDY DESIGN The study lasts 11 weeks, was conducted on 28 male and female subjects aged between 55 and 85 years. The study was conducted between 26th of February 2015 and 8th of April 2015 at “Instituto RICCI” in Carmignano, Prato. Patients examined had the following symptoms and diseases…

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Kinetic center

Aim of this study is to know the value of the product and its beneficial properties by making an objective assessment of the effectiveness in pain treatment, swelling state and painkilling drugs intake by using thess bio-molecule devices. The bio-molecule active crystals (FAR INFRA RED RAY), loaded within the wool fiber, absorb and release heat from the body (once it has contact with skin) and have many beneficial and therapeutic effects: improve cell metabolism, blood streaming, liquids drainage and skin elasticity…. 

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Studio veterinario dott. armando del rosso

BIOMOLECULE have been used fabric to bind trotter horses limbs. They showed traumatic stress pathologies, for example, in cronic desmopathies of suspensory ligament, in anular ligament syndrome, in serious arthrosis and flexor tendinopathy…

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centro massofisioterapico vignali

The clinical study described here was intended to evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of the BIOMOLECULES FABRIC devices.The study duration of 8 weeks, was conducted on 20 subjects, male and female, between the ages of 25 and 74 years…

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villa serena

The 8-week study, was conducted on 29 male and female subjects, aged between 33 and 85 years. The study was conducted in the period between 25/02/2015 and 20/04/2015 at VILLA SERENA REST HOUSE, in Prato. Patients examined had the following symptoms and pathologies...

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